Jerome Williams

jerome_williams_allen_iverson vegas ballers

Magruder High School

Georgetown University

Steve Francis

steve francis vegas ballers

Blair High School

Maryland University

Avery Bradley

avery bradley vegas ballers

Findlay Prep

Texas University

Cory Joseph

corey joseph vegas ballers

Findlay Prep

Texas University

Tristan Thompson

tristan thompson vegas ballers

Findlay Prep

Texas University

Anthony Bennett

anthony bennett vegas ballers

Findlay Prep


Winston Shephard

SHEPARDANDSHABAZZ-1024x682 vegas ballers

Findlay Prep

San Diego State University

Nick Johnson

nick johnson vegas ballers

Findlay Prep

Arizona University

*These are all player that were mentored by Jerome JYD Williams, either through his time spent with Findlay Prep basketball or through the NBA player development program.

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