The Vegas Ballers are the newest Basketball team in the TBL and have created a buzz among west coast teams. They have recruited several talented players that are willing to put in the time and dedication required to become stars. Because this is the team’s first professional year; it is refreshing that they are so competitive among their peers. It is not surprising that the team is an up-and-coming powerhouse though, because they have a star studded line up of incredible resources for players to utilize. From president and NBA legend Jerome “The Junkyard Dog” Williams to head Coach and NBA legend James “Hollywood” Robinson the Ballers boast an incredible line up. After The first week of games, the Ballers took home their first home and away game wins. Needless to say this is an incredible achievement for a brand new team and held a special place in Coach Hollywood’s heart stating, “It was a great win for me for my first time as a head coach… made me feel like we won a championship. It was a great way to start the season off.” With their first win under their belt, the sky’s the limit for the Ballers’ first professional season.